Howdy Friends…. Come on in!

Join me for fun and entertaining explorations into culinary and brewing realms. Plus all the other stuff that impacts what goes on in the kitchen, including raising chickens and gardening. My purpose here is to share my very practical, low cost, hands-on approach to living a good life. And, it doesn’t hurt that all of the advice and ideas here help to provide a healthy diet for you and your family!

What makes my kitchen so bitchin? It is always full of yummy stuff. Food & drink that really satisfies our hunger and nourishes us, body and soul. We are blessed with a wonderful quality of life filled with things we make ourselves that are more satisfying than mass produced cheap goods. We are always hard at work hard cooking, brewing, and making, thus we have more control of our personal environment. In our bitchin kitchen, modern scientific knowledge and traditional wisdom blend gracefully for flavor & delight. Here we celebrate life in harmony with the world, with a lower impact on the earth and all the critters that share it with us.

Ask just about anyone what they want most, and it usually boils down to living a happy, long life. In my experience, the secret to this is equal helpings of 3 main ingredients:

  • Balanced and SATISFYING nourishment
  • Having fun and enjoying life
  • Plenty of love, fresh air, sunshine, and exercise

My Bitchin’ Diet:

There are as many diets as there are stars in the sky! I have been through many different diets both in my childhood and through my adult life, from macrobiotic to over 10 years as a vegetarian to a very brief flirt with the Atkins diet. Through all these explorations I have learned a few basic rules that have led much to a much higher state of happiness and satisfaction with my food:

Rule #1: If you don’t enjoy it, it probably won’t work. Something as basic and primal as nourishment should be enjoyable, and forcing yourself to eat foods you do not enjoy will make you unhappy.

Rule #2: There is no sense in reinventing the wheel. Human beings have learned over millennia what foods will nourish and give good health. Studies of so called primitive cultures have proven that carefully prepare traditional foods can provide the foundation of excellent health. I recently discovered the book Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. This book solidified my approach to healthy cooking and opened my eyes about several misconceptions I had about modern ingredients.*

Rule #3: Balance, Moderation and Variety is Key. Too much of any one thing is generally not a good thing. Even if it is a healthy ingredient, there is really no true “superfood”. And who wants to eat algae all day everyday anyway? True balance and satisfaction comes from a variety of healthy vegetables, dairy, grains, and meats. Too much of any one thing can also lead to health problems. Many books have been written on such matters, but many of us know on an instinctual level that too much or not enough is bad. Each of us has to learn to find the proper balance that works for our own body. Every body is slightly different! Lucky for us, the variety of healthy ingredients is huge, and modern access to variety is abundant, so finding our own balance is easier for us than it was in ancient times.

Rule #4: Be your own judge. Learn to identify and address your own cravings and ideals. Become happy with who you are, not who you are not. Good health is both a bodily state and a state of mind. If you try to measure yourself against the standards of health and beauty imposed on you by someone else, or by society, that will set you up for unhappiness. So what if you are a size 14? If you are healthy, and basically happy, you will live a good life.

If you order this book from Amazon by clicking the above link, I will earn a small commission, which supports my writing, blogging, and this website. Thank you!