Yummy Food and Beer Mingling

Bitchin Ideas: Food and Beer Mingling

One of my favorite things to do is start with awesome beer and food ingredients. Then add some of the beer to the food I am making. Then serve the beer with the food. The easiest, most delicious combination that is a pretty regular feature in my bitchin kitchen:

Mexican Farmhouse Beer Butt Chicken Taco Dinner Served with Dark Mexican Lager Homebrew

This dinner is awesomely bitchin, will please just about everybody, and is not too much work on fiesta day if you prepare the beans, salsa, and rub ahead of time. Of course, if you brew your own beer, that will require a few months of lead time.. but you could just go out and buy some Negra Modelo and have this feast in a couple of days! Some parts of this meal, like the beans, need advance planning. You could get by with a can of refried beans, but by doing that you are missing out on a incredible flavor experience- not to mention better nutrition!

Mexican Farmhouse Beer Butt Chicken Tacos Dinner

To do this meal right you will need to prepare all of the different dishes plus brew the beer. So it takes a few months of planning, unless you already have the beer. Whenever I brew my Negra Modelo homebrew clone I find it is the perfect excuse to whip up this dinner and have an impromptu fiesta!

In addition to the recipes that follow, to assemble the tacos you will need fresh corn tortillas, fresh whole limes, shredded Mexican blend cheese, and if you can get it, some fresh Quesero crumbled cheese. For the tortillas, I love the LaTortilla Factory handmade style that have both corn and wheat, and come in a few flavors including green chile and chipotle.

Delicious! Beer butt chicken tacos with fresh guacamole and roasted heirloom tomato salsa

If you have prepared the beans, chicken, and salsa ahead of time, and your home brewed Negra Modelo is ready to drink, putting this meal together is a snap. While the chicken is roasting, throw together the Guacamole:

Follow the links to get the various recipes:

Negra Modelo Clone Homebrew Recipe

Slow Cooked Refried Black & Tan Beans

Beer Butt Barbecue Pollo Asada

Roasted Heirloom Tomato Salsa

Quick Chunky Guacamole


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  2. Tawhid says:

    My recipe for green beans:Green BeansANY vairtey of fresh green beans.Snap the ends off .both ends about 1/4 inchWash a couple of times.Put in large soup/stock pan .or crock pot/slow cooker.Add 2 ham hocks (NOT the smoked ones) ..OR a large ham bone .or neck bones .for seasoning.Add 1 large chopped onion.Peel and quarter 4 or 5 potatoes add to pot.Cover with water.Cook over high heat .reduce medium heat .cook until beans are tender ..adding water as needed ..3-4 hours .when beans are tender .cook to reduce liquid you don’t’ want soupy green beans stirring often to keep from sticking to pot.Remove bones .any fat from ham hocks.Serve wth your choice of meats ..cornbread/muffins/biscuits b butter ..fresh sliced tomatoes.Note: Can substitute canned green beans.

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